About Us

Gameband MinecraftTM was developed by Now Computing.

We are dedicated to making beautiful, wearable products for gamers. Gameband aims to empower gamers to keep their data and settings close, and to access and play their favorite games anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

Gameband is developed by Now Computing. We are based in Barcelona (Europe) and in the United States.
Our mission is to make beautiful wearable devices for gamers. In a world where it seems every company on the planet wants to make wearables (mainly for sports) our mission is to create awesome wearables that are focused on one group of people: Gamers.
We tried other products and approaches, but what could be more fun than this?
Gameband takes a game people love, and lets them take their game data, settings and the entire universe of the game with them anywhere, all on their wrist, on a killer device, and with a hassle free cloud backup to make things doubly safe. Gameband is also a watch, calendar and much more. You can digitally customize the Gameband display to show your name, pictures or animations. Our first product is Gameband + Minecraft™, letting Minecraft™ players take their Worlds anywhere.
In the coming 12 months we are going to bring out other products and features, so stay tuned!
Most of our product has been developed by trial and error, and through listening to ideas from players; so we would love to hear from you! if you have questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact us at ideas@nowcomputing.com